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DIS Life Organizer and Retirement Lifestyle Workbook

Why Use an Organizer?

Now more than ever, the topic of being prepared is top of mind. As we watch people around the world amass supplies, tend to their investments, and take safety precautions about their health, it is an excellent time to discuss how to handle vital information. If you had an emergency, would you know where to find account information, passwords, trust documents? Would your spouse know? If something happened to you, are you confident your spouse would be taken care of and know where to find paperwork or who to call?

We have compiled a list of the most critical information you might need in case of an emergency. Sometimes these topics can be uncomfortable; use this Life Organizer as an ice breaker for issues like life insurance and funeral wishes.

The Life Organizer is an essential tool for adult age children in college. While they might still be your baby, they are legally adults, which means you no longer have access to accounts, passwords, medical records, or decision-making abilities in the eyes of the law.

Print this out and store it in a safe location or store it on a memory stick. If you would like a memory stick with a Life Organizer preloaded, please email us at

Why Use the Retirement Lifestyle Workbook?

Have you dreamt about how your retirement would look? What would you do with your newly cleared schedule? With whom are you spending your days?

Now the practical part. Do you have enough money to fulfill your retirement dreams comfortably? Have you planned for rising health care costs, housing, and inflation?

Use our Retirement Lifestyle Workbook to walk you through retirement planning. You can use it as a rubric to determine needs versus wants, current savings trajectory, and future goals. Of course, we are always here to help walk you through this essential step in planning your future.