Our Clients

Diversified Investment Services serves a wide array of clients from all around the globe. They come from all walks of life and have differing needs, however, they share in the realization that coordinating and managing today's financial decisions allows them to pursue tomorrow's goals.

Our clients are individuals and businesses that expect excellence and are firmly committed to achieving their goals. Frequently, they are not interested in managing their financial affairs on a daily basis, but rather, desire to simplify their lives through a relationship with us. They see the value in independent advice because they are working with a personal advisor, not a sales representative.

Many of the clients we proudly serve are:

  • Seeking ”financial peace”
  • Accumulating wealth
  • Retirees
  • Widows
  • Business Owners and Private Practitioners
  • Professionals and Corporate Executives

Families or Individuals who desire to leave a “legacy” should call or email us to schedule a complimentary, private consultation to determine if our services are suited to your needs. Please contact us by e-mail at info@disinc.com or by calling us at 714.974.4500.

Where in the World are DIS Clients?

We love to see our clients loving life. If you are planning a trip and would like to have your picture posted to our website, wear your DIS hat or shirt and take a picture during your travels. Send it to disretire@disinc.com and we will post it on our website. Let’s see where our DIS clients are traveling!

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